Leadership Development

  1. Executive Coaching and Support

  2. Thought Partnership

  3. Board Governance Advising

  4. Team Building

  5. Individual and Group Staff Education

  6. Meetings and Retreats


  1. Mission, Vision, and Values Statements

  2. Short-term and Long-range Planning

  3. Organizational Change Planning and Execution

What We Do

Keynotes and Talks

  1. Transforming Loss into Leadership

  2. Leaders Are Made, not Born

  3. Creating a Culture of Excellence

  4. Passion and Perseverance

  5. Finding Your Own Path

Workshops and Training

  1. Strategic Planning Primer

  2. Fundraising Basics

  3. Soliciting Major Gifts

  4. Fundraising for Boards

  5. Capital Campaign Overview

  6. Managing Volunteers

  7. The Selling Process

  8. Customized options to suit your needs

Our Tools and Approach

We utilize a number of techniques and products in our process,

which is designed to be inclusive and collaborative:

  1. Myers Briggs Type Instrument® (MBTI®) Assessment

  2. DISC® Assessment Profile

  3. Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior® (FIRO-B®)

  4. Strong Interest Inventory®

  5. The Balanced Scorecard method

  6. Personal interviews

  7. Role playing

  8. Exercises and assignments that encourage reflection

  9. Brainstorming and discussion

  10. Direct and honest feedback

  11. Professional mediation and conflict resolution techniques

  12. Templates and forms to encourage a systematic approach

  13. Selected reading materials

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  1. Project Planning, Assessment, and Evaluation

  2. Feasibility and Market Studies

  3. Volunteer Program Development

  4. Grantmaking Programs

  5. Corporate Giving and Community Outreach


  1. Development Audits and Assessments

  2. Annual Giving and Major Donor Programs

  3. Campaign Planning and Management

  4. Special Event Planning and Implementation